About US is a new website with the mission to be a local guide for major cities & towns worldwide. It will provide many useful information and guide for local people or visitors. We're to set up a global network to work on it. You are welcome to join our network if you're interested in. You may donate your time, knowledge, money or other things. network will work on decentralized and democratic basis. We decide together where it goes, how it goes, how fast it goes and many other major issues. Each town may work differently and local team will have major word for it.

Donation & Help:

At its early stage of development, your donation and help is very important for the It'll speed up its development and help us on long term run of the website instead of current economic sector.

Money donation:

We accept money donation via paypal or bitcoin. All money received will be kept and booked separately and will be used only for this project. Anonymous donation is welcome, while we encourage nominative donation. We'll send you report on how the money is used and once creates positive cashflow, your donation might be returned and even with profits, but NO
GUARATEE FOR THAT! So, if you want, you may inclose your email when you make donation. 

We DON'T accept any illegal money.


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If you have time and want to help us. You can contact us at and we'll discuss how we can work together. It may be one-time, part-time or full-time help. It's not a job. We'll choose local partners or team members from those who can devote more time in this project.


We are looking for local partners or team members in each city/town. They will be in charge of local webpages and business. It can be a person or a company. They will be in charge of local development of Each town may have different focus and we respect their opinion and decision. Contact us at for details.

Friendly Webite Links:

We'd like to exchange friendly links with websites (PR>2). Contact us at


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